Amasya is an incredibly charming town standing out with its lush flora amid dry North Cenral Anatolia. It is located in a river valley that later becomes a gorge, many acting as natural fortresses of huge rocks, in certain parts hanging down the cliffs. Amasya has an amazingly rich history. Local historian and geographer Strabo notes that it was shortly after Christ's birth that Amasya was founded by the Amazon queen Amasis. As far it is historically evident, Amasya was first a Hittite settlement, passing to Alexander the Great. During the power vacuum in Anatolia after his death, Amasya became the base for the Pontus kingdom. Selšuk Turks who took over the town during their expansion in Anatolia adorned it with distinctive architectural features. After the Mogul invasions that terrorized Anatolia, Amasya passed into Ottoman rule. The Ottomans contributed much to beautifying Amasya, as it was one of the pilot towns where the crown princes ruled as governers to practice statemenship.

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